Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Country Heaven

We are enjoying our country hick lifestyle just as much as we hoped we would. With 5 barefoot kids, a tractor, 2 dogs, and a cat (and 12 deceased chickens) we are just like a Norman Rockwell Painting! We haven't even had the internet for the past two years. Now that we have the internet again you will see more of us again. Here are our cute farmer wannabe kids.

So here is Abby tearing up the grass in our front yard.
 Emma and Abby standing together here.  What you don't see is all the shots of Abby jumping up and down while Emma is trying to hold 'er down and smile at the same time.  Luckily, she finally got her jumps out for a bit and we got a good picture.
 This s the rope swing in the front yard.  It ties to a branch almost 20 feet up.  One of Joseph's favorite things to do is to be pushed on the swing as high as he can go.  He will swing up until his toes tickle the leaves.  He is also getting good at climbing the rope.  he can climb it nearly to the top, then come down again.
Ethan loves these dogs.  He is our animal boy.  He has caught birds, dragonflies, mice, gophers and even a 2 foot long bull snake.  I just hope he doesn't come in the house with a skunk sometime.  The amazing thing is that he hasn't been bitten yet.
Just look at this cute girl.  Emma is getting to be such a big girl.  She likes drawing, reading, and pretending.  She is just young enough to enjoy dolls without being too embarrassed by them.  She would think country life is perfect if she had a horse.
Bethany is such a cute little girl.  It was tough to pick a good picture to post, there were so many.  She loves going out to the strawberry patch and eating.  Green, red, doesn't matter.  She eats them anyway.  She has started carrying around the cat, much to the cat's chagrin, but it sure is cute!

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Pieces of me... said...

I'm so excited you are blogging again! I miss seeing your family.