Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Heroes!

Yep, here they are. I know, they look just like ordinary kids, but come 7:00 or later (that is to say past their bed time) and their minds become somewhat droopy and agitated they become superheroes!

Here is Abby. The older 3 were all practicing karate in the living room and Abby decided that she wanted to join in on the fun. Note the unzipped pajamas. That is so that she can access her bellybutton. If she has any power at all I believe that it must be associated with that button.

Next up, Joseph. Getting this guy to pose was difficult. I caught this pose just a split second after he shot that yellow balloon at me that you see in the top picture. When he is a superhero he is always Superman, Spiderman, or Batman. The only ones he really knows, although he has not seen any movie of them (except, maybe a highly edited version of Superman IV).

Ethan, as you can see, has the pose down. He is sane enough to not really try to fly like superman. An that is who he pretends to be. No muckin' around with second best.

Emma is hilarious and really the whole reason for this posting. You see, she has a really very original alter ego. She is TISSUE GIRL. That's right. With lightening speed she is able to shoot toilet paper out of her hands. (Just beware the enemy with a spray bottle) She has gone around the house from time to time rescuing people and performing small acts of kindness all in the guide of Tissue Girl.
Faithful mascot #1. Actually, I just was excited that I caught a picture of a bird actually doing something interesting. Not just sitting there, like, umm... most of my pictures show.

This little guy is the last of his kind to hang out here. Our neighbors cut down their walnut tree last year and all our squirrels high tailed it except for this one. He must prefer juniper berries or something. Anyway, we are glad to have him around.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Rummy Tumm Tumm

Well, this has been a week full of bellies. As you may know, Abby's favorite body part is her bellybutton. When she found a pen, well, what else? She kindly displayed her artwork while I took a picture.

Here is Joseph's belly incident. Apparently food tastes better if it is first transfered to the skin. I don't know if her was successful in his attempt or not.

And finally, here is the belly we have all been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for. Laura officially reached her third trimester this week. Yeah! We can feel little kicks and things now. Barely.

This picture was just too cute to pass up. Emma and Abby were taking a bath together (don't ask me why the hoppy ball was taking a bath too, I haven't a clue) and this was one of the pictures that Abby was smiling in.

Yes, love hurts. As do knives. Ethan has borrowed my pocket knives on occasion throughout the past year and has show himself to be very responsible. Nary an incident due to carelessness or to foolishness. So, we gave him a pocket knife. He did wonderful for 2 weeks. Always put away or in his pocket. Very responsible. Unfortunately, he did something foolish (our fault I guess). Against our warnings, he stuck the point directly into a piece of wood and it closed on his fingers. Much blood and crying and 3 stitches later he is fine. But it still hurts. Now what do we do about the knife?