Sunday, September 7, 2008


Well, it is a good thing Laura is not sick or we would have nobody to take care of us, the kids and I. This past week was my first week in school. We got one little girl, a kindergartener, that showed up for the first time on Thursday and was just scared half to death. It is a good thing that I have aides that care about our kids. One stayed and played with her by the door for about an hour and a half before she felt comfortable enough to finally come sit down. The rest of the day for her alternated between crying and timidly going places. Luckily my students were all understanding and helpful to her also. Friday started out the same, but over all she had a more comfortable day.

Here at home we are all fighting colds. We are using up tissue and cough drops as quick as can be. Even little Abby is sick. With all the kids sick they are getting up more at night and we are getting less sleep.

I got started making a bench out of the left over fencing materials I gathered from Chad's place. It is to the point that the general shape can be seen, but it still looks bad. I will post a picture of it when it is done. It will have a hinged seat so that we can store garden tools in it. If you know anything about this little house you know that we can never make too much extra storage.

Ethan starts pre-school tomorrow. He has been so excited. He has a new little blue back pack. Laura is going to sew on some little sports ball patches. Yesterday we went clothes shopping for him at -where else?- yard sales. 10 items for 5 dollars is a price you can't get even at Walmart. Emma really enjoyed her first week at school. She has made a few friends there, she says. Laura has really enjoyed her going to school too. It has made her life easier and she is excited about Ethan starting school also. Well, that's it for me!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Yikes! They are almost here!

Pictures: This is our duct tape ad. Joseph would not keep his diapers on, so this was our alternative. He pulled the sticker off the packaging and put it the only sensible place a 2 year old would put such a thing. On his belly. The other is Laura holding the baby. Aren't they cute!
Well, as I Have to hold the baby anyway, I thought that I may as well peck at the key board with one hand. We had a good memorial day. Yesterday we discovered that we have a two year old boy that can climb out of his crib. Our options were to move him to a kennel (not really, in case anyone without a sense of humor is reading) or to a bed. Now we need to figure out how to keep him in bed. Last night we were suckers and let him fall asleep in our bed rather than letting him cry it out. The battle has not yet begun for tonight.

A couple days ago Ethan said "If someone swallowed a bunch of BBs would they be the Man of Steel?" We got a big laugh about that. He also went to bed crying last night "All

I want is some duct tape!" He is a funny boy. Little Abigail has ring worm on her cheek that is pretty bad right now. She wants to be held constantly. If we set her down she wakes up shortly after and begins to cry. It is easier to just hold her most of the time.

Emma went to her first day of Kindergarten on Friday. She loved it and has been excited all weekend to go back on Tuesday. Ethan sure missed her while she was gone. He tended to follow Laura around.

Today I finished putting up the back fence. We still have the main trunk of the tree that we had chopped down lying in our yard. Todd and his friend may come back for it sometime, but I doubt it. If they do then they can cut it up into small enough sections to roll through the gate. The fence is constructed entirely out of Chad's old fence, with the exception of two 2x4s that I had to buy for stringers, the cement, nails, five 4x4s, and gate hardware. I think all told we were out less than 90 dollars. That's about the cheapest fence I ever hope to build again. The cedar boards that we got from Chad were great. They were each at least a full inch thick. We got enough extra that I am making an outdoor storage bench for hoses, garden tools and such.

This last week I interpreted for 2 big events in the school district. It was fun. That was my first real time interpreting and I was happy to do at least an okay job of it. Our Deaf aid in the classroom said that I did a good job anyway.

We have decided that we need to get rid of our dog. She is the sweetest little Labrador Retriever. Really tolerant of the kids rough handling, but with the new baby and my Masters it has been hard for us to take care of her like we should. If winter were not approaching, then we might keep her longer, but I don't want us to neglect her through the winter. So, if anyone wants...?

Well Class starts for me tomorrow. I will have 3 kindergarten kids, a 2nd grader, a 3rd grader, a 4th grader and 2 5th graders. I will also have a couple other kids for reading only. This is the biggest group I have had yet. In part that is because we have contracted with other districts to provide services to a couple kids. I have spent more time this year organizing and getting ready than any year in the past. I have great expectations of a smooth beginning. I have decided (in conjunction with the Special Education Director) to be a bit hard nosed about my schedule and to not make exceptions for the Specialists (art, music, etc...) because if I do, then I will not have a schedule cohesive enough to teach the core academic subjects.

Well, I have probably gone on long enough.

See Ya, Ty.