Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Ty tried out a unicycle for the first time. He said it was a humbling experience. Here is Joseph pushing his favorite friend Blue Guy on the swing. Looks like Blue Guy is having a good time!
Ethan Underwear Head!
On the 4th of July everyone took a refreshing illegal dip in a public fountian. Neil assured us that everyone does it. Here's to peer pressure.

Our cute kiddos

Hey Everyone, it is soooo nice to be back home again! This has been an eventful summer. We stayed at my sister Sarah's for 4 weeks while Ty finished his master's degree. She is one brave lady to take us all in. Together their were 10 children in the house. She also has our youngest sister living with her. When we were trying to find someone to care for our dog Tip she said "bring her along ,too". What a great person! We had lots of fun together. Unfortunately I can't get any of our good pictures off the other camera yet, so these will have to do for now. Here is my beautiful sister Sarah and her little baby Sammy. She would probibly hate it that I posted this picture of her, but I think she is always pretty. After four weeks in Idaho Falls we went to Utah to see some of Ty's brothers and spend 4th of July weekend. That was fun to see them again! The best news of the summer.....Ty now has his Master's Degree in the Education of the Deaf! Way to go Ty that took a lot of work! So far I have covered the good. Now on to the bad and ugly. On our drive home from Idaho Ethan said he wasn't feeling well. We got an hour into the trip and he threw up. We pulled over changed his clothes, got him and his car seat cleaned up and continued on our way. He threw up again, but we were ready this time. To make a long story short, our 10 hour drive was a 13 hour drive. A couple of days later Emma threw up in the Lowe's parking lot things went from there. Everyone in the family got it. Abby had it the worst.
After about a week of the stomach bug in our family we had a few healthy days and then a mysterious fever showed up. Everyone but Ty got the fever. This time I got it the worst I have been sick for a week and on top of that now I have an infection. The doctor put me on intibiotics for the infection and immediately I got this killer nonstop headache. I don't remeber ever having a headache that bad. If I moved my head at all, or even my eyes my head would just pound. It was a beast! We found out it was a side effect of the meds. I stopped taking them and the headache is much better. Anyway, enough about that. We really aren't trying to be hermits, in fact we can't wait to see everyone again and maybe go camping:)