Sunday, June 7, 2009

What's new this Spring...

Hi! The title of this blog is "what's new this spring" First off, we now have a side yard garden. Sort of. As you can see it is a work in progress but we are excited. Ty is putting in an old fashioned brick path. We planted some perennials, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and a grape. Hopefully when it fills in in a few years we will have a lush vegetable-filled, bird-friendly, flower-growing paradise.
The Ottomans are coming!

This is Ty's latest woodworking project. We wanted an ottoman for a while and so he used Mother's Day as an excuse to make one. It turned out better than we expected. The top lifts of for storage. To bad the picture quality is so poor or you could see the coloring better. In a couple of years we will probibly replace the cushion for a thicker one. Now we can kick up our feet and watch a movie. This is also another fun piece of furniture for kids to jump off of. Fortunately the lid is 3/4" plywood so it is practically bomb proof.

Here's our cutie!

She is so fun to photograph because she is a happy baby! Our flowers have been very prolific this spring (including clover and dandilions). Abby loves to pick and eat them out of the grass.
These pictures were turning out so well I just kept taking them. Abigail is ten months old now and so much fun! She scoots around the house on her stomache, picking up whatever is in her path. She just started pulling herself up against furniture. She is very cuddly and has lots of personality!
That's all for now. We will be sending more pictures this summer of our adventures in Idaho.