Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here comes the neighborhood.

Well, Disneyland, we're givin' y'all a run fer yer money now. Well, it'll be a while yet until we have quite their resources, but we have just put in a sandbox and a see-saw in the back yard.
Here is an update photo of Laura and company. Thankfully, in just about a month (a bit more really, but don't tell Laura) they will be parting company.

Here is Joseph. In the background you can see the teeter totter and the play structure. It is able to withstand them, as I have had it Missionary tested and approved (I don't have those pictures, unfortunately). The play structure had been given to us a year ago by Chad's neighbor. The kids love it.

Here is Ethan in the new sand box. The kids have had fun. Tomorrow I imagine Ethan will be excited. We just had a bit of rain today so tomorrow the sand will be slightly damp. Great for building sand castles.
All the neighborhood kids love to come over and play here now. One day Laura looked out and 4 neighbor boys were in the sand box, but all our kids were inside the house.

Well, That's it for now!