Sunday, April 11, 2010

Abby Blog

Well, we got so many good pics of this girl today, that we decided to do a blog just about her.

She loves 'bawberries' this one. You have to be careful not to leav any stems or ends on the table after you eat one because she will go back and try to pick off pieces you missed.
I got her to run to me by showing her where her tricycle was. She had just been trying to turn over the neighbors trike (the red one on its side in the background). When she saw hers she came a runnin'.
She is so funny. A more cheerful girl you will never meet. She loves climbing in laps, or up into beds and sitting on people and saying "Hey there!". Her favorite song is "Happy birthday". She tries to sing it and whenever anyones sings it to her she lights up. Laura was pretending with Emma and had sung it, but to Emma. Abby said, "Abby! Abby!" When Emma's name was used.
Don't worry. She peed on the floor, not the chair. We figured that since she had already evacuated her bladder and looked so cute we might as well get a couple of pictures.
This girl, any time she sees an animal says, "Oh! Cow!" often followed by "Raaaar!" It doesnt matter if it is an elephant or a duck. It's a cow to her.

She loves stuffed animals. They are all bears. I think it is because we have this really old board book called 'Me and My Bear' that she really enjoys. All these different stuffed bears, you know.

Well, that's it for now! Ty


Lisa said...

Cute pics of Abby! So fun

mom said...

What a cutie! One more year and a couple of months....

OUR CLAN said...

Sure is fun to catch up on your family. They are sure precious. I bet they keep you guys running all the time!

you cousin